Do you remember the old “make love, not war” days? Were you too young to live up to the hippie spirit and enjoy free love? Or you did and you are dying to get it back?

These are some proposals you will find in this La Vie en Rouge checkbook... But there is much more: sexy, wild, and crazy ideas... Find them out!

Fresh, spontaneous and very, very suggestive.
Load your batteries with positive energy.

Either way, Flower Power is your checkbook. A fresh combination of humor, universal love and a bit of the spirit from the Sixties mixed up with just one purpose: make you enjoy the pleasures of our wilder nature and forget all your hang-ups...

The Flower Power Checkbook contains 21 Flower proposals and 3 blank vouchers so you can write your own fantasies or just sign them and leave everything in your partner’s hands.